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Sneaky Fresh

Sneaky Fresh eliminates odours from shoes, trainers and hats.

  • Step One – Remove insoles where possible.

  • Step Two – Spray inside shoe or accessory from a distance of 10cm.

  • Step Three – Allow shoe or accessory to dry naturally and repeat the process if necessary.

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Sneaky Clean

Sneaky Clean is a premium deep cleaning solution for your shoes, trainers and boots.

  • Step One – Remove laces from your shoe where possible.

  • Step Two – Apply a small amount of foam directly to the shoe.

  • Step Three – Use the brush to clean gently in a circular motion and apply more foam where applicable.

  • Step Four – Use the micro fibre towel to remove any excess and wipe down.

  • Step Five – Allow shoe to dry naturally.

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Sneaky Shoe Wipes

Sneaky Wipes

Sneaky Wipes are premium dual sided shoe wipes for cleaning shoes, sneakers and trainers.

  • Step One – Gently peel back the seal half way to expose wipes opening.

  • Step Two – Use raised rubber dots side for tougher dirt and stains.

  • Step Three – Use the smooth side for wiping clean and smoother areas.

  • Step Four – Always reseal pack to prevent wipes from drying out. Dispose of wipes in the bin.

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Sneaky Trees

Sneaky Trees will keep your shoes and trainers straight and crease free.

  • Step One – Insert the toe box of the shoe tree in to the shoe.

  • Step Two – Bend back the spring and rest the heel stop on the inside heel of the shoe.

  • Step Three – Shoe tree can be extended slightly for bigger sizes by unscrewing the heel stop a few turns.

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Sneaky Spray

Sneaky Spray

Sneaky Spray is a premium shoe protector spray. It is ultra repellent water and stain protector for your shoes and trainers.

Always spray on clean and dry shoes before use to ensure full effectiveness. Always use in a well ventilated area.

  • Step One – Shake can well for a few seconds.

  • Step Two – Spray the surface of the shoe from a distance of 10-15 cm. Ensure a good and equal coverage across the surface.

  • Step Three – Allow to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes.

  • Step Four – Repeat steps 1-3 for added protection. For best results allow a 4 hour drying window between applications.

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Sneaky Eraser

Sneaky suede and nubuck eraser cleans suede, nubuck and rubber soles/toe caps.

Directions for Suede and Nubuck:

  • Step One – Use the brush to remove any dry dirt from the surface of the shoe.

  • Step Two – Gently use the edge of the eraser to work out any stains or marks.

  • Step Three – Use the brush to remove any excess debris and to restore the suede or nubuck.

  • Step Four – Repeat the process for tougher stains or marks.

Directions for Soles and Mid-Soles:

  • Step One – Use the eraser to rub out stains and marks from your rubber sole, toe caps or shell toes.

  • Step Two – Use the brush or a damp cloth to remove any excess debris.

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