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Sneaky Brand is for people who want to look cool. We produce waterproof spray and cleaning products for trainers, sneakers and shoes. Keep your white trainers white and always look cool

Sneaky Wipes clean Nike Flyknit Racer Trainers | Trainer Wipes

Trainer Wipes | Flyknit technology was unveiled in 2012 and when the Flyknit racer was released it was instantly recognized as a classic in sneaker design for its innovative use of knit, lightness and sporty aesthetic. It is one of the lightest running shoes on the market and is revered by sneakerheads around the world. [...]

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Sneaky Shoe Protector Spray Vs Nike Cortez Trainer

Use only the best shoe protector spray on your Nike Cortez | Created by the founders of Nike in 1972 the Nike Cortez is one of the most iconic shoes of all time and one of Nike's most famous and successful shoes so what better way to protect it than with Sneaky spray - shoe [...]

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Sneaky Brand and Northern Soles | Waterproof Trainer Spray

Waterproof Trainer Spray | Northern Sole (Lewis Mattison) is one of the north of England`s most respected sneakerheads doing reviews and colab videos that have gotten thousands of views on youtube. Sneaky brand is proud to collaborate on videos with him which showcase how effective Sneaky spray shoe protector is at protecting your sneakers and [...]

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Looking Cool With Sneaky Waterproof Trainer Spray

Docta Cosmic and Sneaky Brand on Looking Cool and Waterproof Spray for Trainers. Looking cool and waterproof spray for trainers - Docta Cosmic and Sneaky Brand. "When music, style and trainers collide I believe there's something special beginning," commented Cosmic.  Kev Lee from Sneaky picked up, "we are proud to announce a special collaboration with [...]

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